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On building relationships, ventures, & a life.

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how it works

Here's everything you need to know, all at once, as short as can be.

Capiche? Capiche.

brainbank is a distillation of everything i find useful out in the wild

content is pulled from my book notes, ventures, life experiences, & weird experiments i do on myself

examps include

who writes brainbank

That's me, Rick, with Mt. Kilimanjaro on his nose, I write this biznatch.

With a love that burns hotter than 1000 suns. Yeah, pretty volcanic.

If you're reading this, you're my kinda person. I'd love to hear from ya.

message me.


Chase Thilleman
Frankie Tang
Realtor, Founder of Mr. Wish Tea
Matt Arble
IT Consultant
Brett Harris (again)
Area Manager, Amazon