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Welcome to my 2nd brain—home to my book notes, projects, & writing.

I write to synthesize information, it helps me learn quicker.

I channel learnings into BrainBank— a micro-learning series sharing new things I learn.

There's a modest ~1000 peeps that read each issue. You can join, read past issues, or see some love for it below.

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Love for BrainBank

Sophia Beyda
MS, Computer Science @ PSU
Frankie Tang (again)
Realtor, Founder of Mr. Wish Tea
Brendan Regan
Barber @ JohnnyCool's
Brett Harris (again)
Area Manager, Amazon
Brett Harris
Area Manager, Amazon
Chase Thilleman
Maggie Hua
Production Supervisor, Pepsico
Mike Setuain
Digital Marketing Strategist @ Red Tag Digital
Jacob Marciniec
Marketing/IT Freelancer
Frankie Tang
Realtor, Founder of Mr. Wish Tea
Noah Johnson
Men's Soccer Coach
Colton W.
Investment Banker @ J.P. Morgan
Dave Bors
1st LT US Army, novice trail runner
Greg Melly
Actor & Comedian
Matt Arble
IT Consultant
Anthony Aquino
Film Producer at NYU