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How it works

Here's everything you need to know, all at once, as short as can be.

Capiche? Capiche.

How do we determine what to learn about.

Brainbank is the distillation of whatever topic we choose in previous weeks. It's meant to be as info dense as possible and to be read in under a few minutes.

BrainBank is:

  • Sent when ready
  • Less than 4 minutes
  • Delivered how ya like: text, email, carrier pigeon.
  • 100% reader-nominated (you pick the topics each issue)
  • Free, forever : )

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Who writes BrainBank?

That's me, Rick, with Mt. Kilimanjaro on his nose, I write this biznatch.

With a love that burns hotter than 1000 suns. Yeah, pretty volcanic.

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Love for BrainBank

Sophia Beyda
MS, Computer Science @ PSU
Jacob Marciniec
Marketing/IT Freelancer
Maggie Hua
Production Supervisor, Pepsico
Brett Harris
Area Manager, Amazon