Goal is to run a marathon in under 3:15, which comes out to about 7:26/mile. Started doing some preliminary training in July 2020 and goal is to race in the Maui Marathon on January 17th 2021. Update: Maui cancelled & I sprained my ankle. Looking at Kentucky Derby Marathon in May 2021.

What's going to be included: 

  • A 4-6 month training plan that others can follow. 
  • Best tools/gadgets/resources for marathon running. 
  • Database of workouts logged in Strava. 
  • Best 20 minute stretching routine that will cover all your bases.
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Book notes from top running & physical performance books

I ran track and cross country in high school (it's been about~7 years since I've ran competitively) and I recently rekindled my love for running. A friend sent me a Strava invite and I've been hooked since. 

I'm using the runners world sub 315 workout plan below and I'm embedding all of my Strava runs and weekly activity below for now. More updates to come! Follow my account on Strava if you want to run together  🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️