What I'm Doing Now

I got this idea after seeing Derek Sivers’s “Now” page, thanks Derek.

Building a Content/Marketing Strategy For This Site

One guy I’ve been following is Blake Emal, he’s offered the most value by far and I totally recommend him. His site is here. My goal is to offer people as much value as possible and add connections on my Two-Cent Tuesday newsletter.

Currently testing out the blog2social plugin and looking to connect with people over Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn mainly. Also think there’s a lot of opportunity on Reddit for outreach. I’m looking to create some content in Spanish as well to tap into the Spanish speaking community and continue practicing the language. Goal is to build an agile scalable marketing strategy with splashes of automation.

Piloting Two-Cent Tuesday

I’m piloting a newsletter that delivers actionable tidbits on personal development. I think the constant experimenting takes me down some deep rabbit holes that let me dig up valuable gems to share. Checkout the Two-Cent Tuesday page for examples.

Taking PA Real Estate license courses

Started this course with my girlfriend and should be finished and ready to pass the exam by mid September. It’s T-R 6-9PM. Real estate is a huge part of our growth strategy, specifically acquiring depressed residential units for cash, fixing them up, renting them out, then pulling equity out to roll into another one. Our goal is to have 10 cash-flowing properties in the next 5 years.

Marathon Training

I ran track and cross country in high school (it’s been about~7 years since I’ve ran competitively) and I recently rekindled my love for running. A friend sent me a Strava invite and I’ve been hooked since.

I’m embedding all of my Strava runs and weekly activity under my marathon training project you can check out here.

My goal is to run a sub 3:15 marathon . I’ve been focusing on some shorter distance high intensity stuff to get my lungs and legs back recently. No set training schedule or timeline yet, more updates to come! Follow my account on strava if you want to run together  

Philly marathon got cancelled which thru a wrench in my plans but actively looking for something towards the end of 2020. Update: 90% decided on doing the Maui oceanfront marathon on January 17th 2021.

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