What is the goal?

Goal is to build a personal brand, document everything I do to grow, share the things that work.

What will be included? 

Linkedin marketing course.

3-4 book summaries on word of mouth, spreading movements, marketing, and genuine brand building.

How do I plan on doing this? 

Need to find the people who care about what you care about. Find a common ground. Need to provide insane amounts of value to individuals and really connect with every person at scale until you physically can't.

Why am I doing this project? 

really wanna help people improve and share actionable things that work.

personal branding and leverage

personal brands as an asset

If you want to maximize impact on the world it's really important that you have some way of spreading your message. If I were to condense my message it'd be this.

When you have a

reference trends vc microbrands/personal brands.